Stevens County Historical Society

WHY MUSEUMS It is the belief of the Stevens County Historical Society that families and communities are strongest and healthiest when their members have deep roots into the community. It doesn’t matter if you are descendants of Native Americans whose history in this area go back over 9,000 years, descendants of “old timers” or are new to the community you must still put down roots. SCHS believes one of the best ways to establish and nurture those roots is to join your local historical society and if they have a museum visit it often. In the case of SCHS there is a research library in the museum full of historic information as well as historic items from the area. The museum and library allows both seasoned residents as well as newcomers to easily become familiar with their home’s history and begin putting down or deepening their roots and growing stronger for their efforts. Mission Statement This Society is formed exclusively for charitable, educational and literary purposes. These purposes include such things as to promote, discover, procure, protect, and preserve the natural, civic, literary, educational, religious, and other related matters of a historical nature. Also included is the management of these items and their access to the public. These matters are to pertain in priority order to Stevens County, the State of Washington and to the United States of America.