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Colville experiences four seasons of weather.  With the mountains being a big influence, along with the Pacific Ocean 200 miles to the west, winters are snowy and wet. Sometimes it snows and rains the same day.

Spring is beautiful with longer days and cool rain. Summers are dry and warm. A great feature of summer is that the evenings are still quite cool, often near 55 degrees, making sleeping great.

The daylight runs from 5 am to 10 pm in June.


Colville is the County Seat of Stevens County, Washington which joins Ferry County and Pend Oreille County as northeast Washingtion.

This area of Washington is called the Upper Highlands, with the rolling Selkirk Mountains running north-south. It is part of the northern Rocky Mountains.

Two major rivers run north-south through this area: the Columbia River running south and the Pend Oreille River running north. 


Colville sits in the Colville River Valley which flows into the Columbia River. The river valley's elevation is 1,584 feet. At the Colville Airport on the east side of town, the elevation is 1,856.

The mountains surrounding town include Colville Mountain at 3,375 feet, Mingo Mountain at 5,534 feet, Dominion Mountain at 5,773 feet, and Gillette Mounatin at 5557 feet elevation.

As the crow flies, Colville is 30 miles south of British Columbia, Canada and 40 miles west of the Idaho State line.
Traveling roads that must go through passes in these areas takes longer.